At Cheer Central we are excited to take our athletes to the best competitions in the country! We compete against the best at NCA Nationals, Cheersport, and Worlds!

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icon04/30/2013 - Cheer Central 2012-13 Season

 2012-13 Season Highlights:

WSA Nationals- Program Sweep! Congratulations to all teams!

American Grand- National Champions-- Junior 4 and Senior Restricted 5. Paid Bid to the Summit for Senior Restricted 5, Summit Bids for Senior 4 and Junior 4

ASC Nationals- 2nd place, Senior Coed 5 and Worlds Bid, 1st Place International Coed 5

American Legacy- National Champions- Tiny 1, Youth 1, Senior 1, Mini 2, Senior 2, Junior 3, Senior 3, Senior Coed 3, Senior Coed 5, Lady Suns

WSA Grand Nationals- 1st Place International Coed 5 and Paid Bid to Worlds

NCA Nationals- Congratulations to Lady Suns for your 1st place finish in Senior Restricted 5. Congrats to Senior Coed 3 and Junior 4 for your 2nd place finishes. 

Cheersport Regional- 1st place: Tiny 1, Youth 1, Senior 1, Mini 2, Youth 2, Senior 2, Junior 3, Senior 3, Senior Coed 3, Junior 4, Senior 4, Lady Suns- 2nd place in Junior 2--High Point in ALL Levels--Congrats Cheer Central!

Encore Nationals, San Diego (Levels 1-3)- Congrats to our 1st place teams in the following categories- Mini 2, Youth 2, Junior 3, Senior Coed 3

Worlds- Congrats to International Coed 5 for their 10th place finish in the Inernational Coed 5 US Trials and to Senior Coed 5 for their 1st place showing in the preliminary round, and overall 15th place finish (out of 83 teams)

Summit- Congrats to all Cheer Central teams (Junior 4, Senior 4 and Senior Restricted 5) for making finals. Congrats to Senior Restricted 5 for their 3rd place finish, Junior 4 for their 6th place finish, and Senior 4 for their 4th place finish!

What an amazing season....GO SUNS!


icon12/03/2012 - WSA Mile High Nationals

 WOW! A clean SWEEP for the SUNS Family! 1st place for EVERY team and high point awards for Levels 1, 2, 4, & 5! A zero deduction routine from ALL of our teams and amazing overall showing, we couldn't be prouder of our athletes this weekend! The SUNS Family was also awarded the gym with the most toy donations for 'Toys for Tots' in our community! GO SUNS!

icon03/10/2012 - Cheersport Regionals

icon02/25/2012 - NCA All Star Nationals

icon11/19/2011 - Colorado All Star State Championships

icon12/11/2011 - WSA Denver Championships

icon11/12/2011 - Spirit Celebration, Denton TX

icon04/10/2011 - American Showcase, Anaheim CA

icon03/13/2011 - WSA Nationals-New Orleans

icon03/13/2011 - Jamfest Express Nationals

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