The Rumor Mill

We hear the funniest rumors!! We always tell our parents, don't believe anything unless you hear it from the source. We decided it would be best to simply address rumors as they come up. As we hear something new, we'll be happy to address it here. We believe in being up front and honest and take pride in running our program with integrity.

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 We heard you practice 5x per week.

 Our competitive teams practice 2x per week for the months of May, June, July, August, December and April. Then, we practice 3x per week Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, March. Everyone maintains the same weeknight schedule (either practicing on Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs)....and when we do practice 3x per week every team simply adds an afternoon or evening practice on Sundays. GO SUNS!

Our Pre-CAST teams (non-traveling teams) practice 1x per week over the summer through September. They then practice 2x per week Sept-March.


 We heard your uniforms cost $1000.

 Wow...completely UNTRUE! Our uniforms cost $399. This includes the skirt (with built in spankie), uniform top, our black headband and blue bow (worn day one of competition), AND our yellow bow with rhinestones (worn day 2). Also, we often have USED uniforms for sale. If you are able to find one in your size, you can normally save about half!


I heard Cheer Central doesn't allow their athletes to take any breaks.

Once again, totally false.

While we do take what we do seriously, we also believe that it is important for every athlete and family to have balance in their life. We schedule 3 weeks off in the summer, 2-3 weeks off over the Christmas holidays, a week off for spring break, AND we take off many of the major holidays "smaller" holidays. In addition, our athletes normally have approximately 3 weeks off between competitive seasons as well. We also have NO WEEKEND PRACTICES during the families can enjoy all weekends together! Every year our schedule is a little different, but we believe REST and FAMILY TIME over holidays is very important to the well being of our athletes...



We hear this from people all the time:

I was told (or I believe) that my child would NEVER make a Cheer Central team.

WOW. This couldn't be more FALSE!!

We have teams/programs for kids of ALL ages and abilities (Preschool THROUGH age 18). We LOVE teaching beginners as much as we enjoy coaching our Level 5 teams and everything in between. Cheer Central will have 16 teams for the 2009-10 season. 7 of the 14 teams will be either Level 1 or Level 2 teams...we point this out only to illustrate that we have MANY beginners in our gym. We like it this way. Some of our best, most talented athletes came to us with literally NO skills. When we are able to work with athletes from the beginning, we also get to teach correct technique and fundamentals.

So, please don't watch our teams and think you could never do it. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced athlete, we have a place for you!


I heard Cheer Central directly recruits athletes from other programs.

Cheer Central does not recruit kids from other programs. We genuinely want to see ALL programs in Colorado do well. The more competition the better! While we do not go out and solicit kids from other gyms to join our program. We WILL follow up with kids/parents from other programs if they contact us first. If they come to us, we will happily assist them. It is important for all kids/parents to find the best program suited for them.


We heard this one from a parent of another program at our last competition:

Wendy (owner) has sold Cheer Central to a dad.

Not True. Wendy remains the sole owner of Cheer Central with no outside investors.


I was told Cheer Central is a "break off" from another program.

Cheer Central did not break off from another program. The gym was started 12 years ago. At the time there were only a few gyms in Colorado, and they were all very small. We simply saw a need for a great all-star program in this area of Colorado, and started our own program for the benefit of kids here...and we're so glad we did. Go SUNS!!

The Rumor Mill - 1 to 7 of 7