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icon06/21/2013 - Training Opportunities over Summer Break!

Opportunties for Training over our Closure:

If you are interested in doing a private lesson with a coach listed below, please contact them directly to request a time. You will need to get confirmation from them, and privates will be first come first serve at our normal private lesson rate. Some coaches may run out of space....You will be charged through the front desk if you confirm a time with them (even if you don't show up). Their email addresses can be found on the STAFF page of our website OR in the members area.


Wednesday, June 26-
Level 4/5 Tumbling Intensive in Broomfield (11:30am-3pm)
*Level 4/5 athletes have received a separate email about this

Thursday, June 27-
Private Lessons by sign up- Broomfield (1-5 pm)


Also on Thursday, June 27-

Open Gym (5-7 pm)

Must arrive by 5:15 pm to sign in. Free for athletes on competitive all star teams. $10 for anyone else (must be a registered member of CC to attend).

Thursday, July 4th-

4th of July- Superior Days Pancake Breakfast (7:30am-1pm)

LOCATED *at Community Park in Superior--adjacent to the Safeway and football fields*

Come join us for a pancake breakfast. Tumble, help us promote the gym--stunt with kids at the breakfast, etc. We always love it when our Suns Family joins us for this 4th of July celebration

Tuesday, July 9th (nearly ALL Cheer Central coaches will be at these clinics!)

*No preregistration required. We will take a list of athletes who attend and will charge your I Class Pro Account! Great opportunity for some extra work on tumbling skills over break!*

1:30-3 pm- Level 1-2 Tumble Clinic $24
3-4:30 pm- Level 3-5 Tumble Clinic $24

Wed, July 10
Private Lessons 1-5 pm

Private Lesson from 5-9 pm

Also on Wed, July 10

Open Gym (5-7 pm)

Must arrive by 5:15 pm to sign in. Free for athletes on competitive all star teams. $10 for anyone else (must be a registered member of CC to attend).


Saturday, June 22 (Day 2 of tumble camp)

($29 one day/$49 both days)-
Level 2/3- 9am-11am
Level 4/5- 11am-1pm

Wednesday, June 26-
Open Gym in Parker (7:30-9 pm)-

Free for competitive all star athletes. $10 for anyone else wishing to attend who is a registered CC member.

Monday, July 8 (Nearly the entire Cheer Central staff will be coaching!)

3-4:30 pm- Level 2-3 Tumble Clinic- $24

4:30-6 pm- Level 4-5 Tumble Clinic- $24

**No preregistration required. We will make a list of all athletes in attendance, and your I Class Pro account will be charged** This is a GREAT opportunity for some extra training!

Wednesday, July 10

Level 4-5 Tumble Intensives (11:30-3)
*Level 4/5 athletes should have already received a separate email about this

Private Lessons (3:30-5:30)- email the coaches to sign up for a time slot


Please remember that Cheer Central will be closed other than these special dates from June 24-July 14. Please enjoy your break! We will be checking emails intermittently throughout the break. However, please do not expect immediate responses. Most of our coaches/staff have week or longer vacations planned during this time! Thank you!!


The Cheer Central Suns Staff

icon05/29/2013 - Cheer Central still has limited space available!

1. We heard that you are completely full and are not accepting any other athletes:

FALSE- Cheer Central still has limited space at both locations for athletes of most levels. We do take our training seriously, and to ensure the best training for everyone there will be a point where we "cut off" our teams....WE ARE NOT to that point yet.... so if you wish to be a part of the SUNS FAMILY we do ask that you contact us this week for a better chance of us being able to accomodate you! After we finalize teams next week we will likely have select spaces available, but if you are interested please contact us THIS week so we can set up a time for you to meet us, and allow us the opportunity to evaluate you before we finalize our teams.

If possible you should contact us TODAY if you are interested in Parker, and before TOMORROW if you are interested in Broomfield. It does not hurt to come in, let us evaluate you, and to try a practice.....However, please do not be afraid to give us a call to inquire about your child if you have any questions...we are here to HELP!

2. We heard that Cheer Central PARKER requires athletes to drive to Broomfield:

FALSE- This is exactly WHY we opened a location in that families in the South Denver area would have a Cheer Central facility for their training. We will have strong teams at ALL levels at BOTH locations--so there is a place for everyone. We are VERY excited about our teams in both locations. They are shaping up to be GREAT, and we are so excited for ALL of our teams for the upcoming year :)

3. We heard that Cheer Central PARKER will not have a Level 5 Worlds team:

FALSE- We have a GREAT group of Level 5 Worlds athletes at our South Location. They are awesome, and we are looking forward to a great season with them, and all of our teams! Our Level 5 teams at both locations are being coached by our top high level coaches, and we are so excited for a great new season with them and all of our levels!

4. We heard that there are DIFFERENT coaches at the 2 locations:

FALSE- Cheer Centrals' coaches are committed to BOTH locations. Most of our coaches live "in the middle" and are excited to have the opportunity to work with kids in both locations.
The same Cheer Central coaches, philosophies and training will be instilled in both locations. We will make sure that the best coaches for each team are paired together, so we can offer the best training to all athletes.

icon05/21/2013 - Competitive Team Update Email 5.21.13

This is an email that was sent to the Competitive Families on 5.21.13

Until we have everyone registered in the Members Area of our website, we will work to post important info here:

Hello Suns Family!

**This email contains a lot of important info! Although it is long, please take the time to read in full!**

**Also, we are still learning our new registration system. If you receive multiple emails or don’t receive emails, please let us know! I will place this email under the NEWS section of our website for additional access**

Thank you so much for your support as we enter into our 13th competitive season….As I reflect on today, my thoughts and prayers are with the families in Oklahoma. Such tragedies are reminders of the blessing of each new day, and each breath we are given. Today I pray that they find more survivors, and that friends and families who have lost loved ones will have strength to endure, and for a community to have the resolve to rebuild.

As we hustle through life with graduations, a school year ending, a new cheer year beginning, vacations, etc., I hope that each of us will take a moment to slow down, keep things in perspective, and savor our blessings—I know this is a personal life goal for me this year. I hope to lead the new year with grace, continue to nurture the kids, staff and coaches at Cheer Central, and continue to make a difference in the lives of those around me, while maintaining a healthy and positive perspective for myself and my family. I am excited you will be a part of the journey this year.

We have had a lot of questions, so hopefully this email can answer a lot of them!


*Athletes will have until AFTER BREAK to finish getting appropriate practice clothing. All females must have sports bras with the white Nike swoosh in the middle and shorts with the “grey” band. We do not allow the “grey” to show, so please make sure they fit appropriately without being rolled. Also, please do not purchase shorts with other colors in the band. Athletes CAN wear a black Nike tank over the sports bra if they would like. Yellow bows are a part of the practice wear. If your child forgets theirs we will give them a new one, and your account will be charged $5. If you haven’t purchased your Nike Pro gear yet, please wear black spandex and sports bras until they have been purchased.

Womens Sports Bra:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-282967/pgid-282969

Womens Nike Pro Shorts:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-440806/pgid-437998

Girls Sports Bra:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-100701/pid-440269/pgid-694110

Girls Nike Pro Shorts:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-439882/pgid-464398

Boys Shirt:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-457748/pgid-457750

Boys Shorts:

Please find a black pair of athletic shorts


We have decided to make a switch to our shoe. We will be purchasing Varsity’s LAST PASS shoe. We have had several athletes try these out, and they appear to be higher quality and better supported—while still lightweight.

WE HAVE A SIZE RUN BEING DELIVERED TO BOTH GYMS. Please have your child try these on, and beginning in June you will be able to purchase a pair through our online pro shop. More detail will be discussed at the parent meetings.

Until new shoes arrive, athletes can wear whatever cheer shoe they would like. In fact, they can practice in whatever cheer shoe they would like for the season, BUT we do recommend that FLYERS purchase the new shoes as soon as possible, and that all other athletes wear the new shoes at least 2 weeks prior to our first competition.



Friday, May 24th THROUGH Tuesday, May 28th- GYM CLOSED for MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. !!We do reopen on Wednesday and Thursday May 29th and 30th for our final May Evaluation practices!!

Sunday, June 2nd- Mandatory Parent and Athlete meeting at the Denver Merchandise Mart. 11 am. We will answer MANY of your questions for the entire season and announce team placements.

June 7th

Team Camp for Levels 4 and 5 ONLY On Friday, June 7th Camp will be held AT OUR BROOMFIELD AND PARKER LOCATIONS for Level 4 and 5 teams only.

June 8th-9th

Team Camp for ALL Levels 1-5

Athletes will head up to Estes Park the morning of June 8th, and will spend the night for one night at the YMCA of the Rockies.

**Details about transportation and parent chaperones are currently being finalized. A separate email about this will come out next week and details will be discussed at the parent meetings**

Summer Break

June 23-July 14. The gyms are CLOSED during this time.

My CHILD HAS A SCHEDULED ABSENCE, how do I notify you?

If your child will miss any practice or arrive late to a practice, please click on the following link and fill out the form to notify us:

**If you have sent us an email previously, we still ask you that input the absence into the link above. This helps us stay organized at both locations!**


Beginning TONIGHT, for the rest of May, athletes in the Level 1 and 2 group will be dismissed out of the back garage and will be held in that area with coaches until parents come to pick them up. With literally hundreds of athletes crossing paths at the same time (7:15 pm), it is too unsafe to release kids out of the front door. Please park and walk to get your child. Thank you!!

Open Door Policy:

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to ask. We will always place athletes in the best possible place for their personal development. If you feel there is something we need to know, please email for the Broomfield location, and for the Parker location.

Billing Questions and General Questions

General, practice wear, billing questions, etc. should be directed to our office staff. Our phone number is 303-452-SUNS

We are CLOSED on the weekends!

Please note that we are CLOSED on the weekends in the summer. If you contact us Friday-Sunday, please do not expect a response until the following week.

If you contact me personally (Wendy), it can take up to a week for a response at various times of the year. Please know that I care about every concern, and always do my best to respond in a timely manner. If you have general questions that can be answered by our office staff, please call for a faster response! My focus at this time of the year is on getting the correct teams formed and making sure we organizationally are set up for success for the year. Thank you!

We are excited for the SUNNY days ahead. Thanks for your support!


Wendy and The Cheer Central Suns Staff