Next Up: Worlds and the Summit--so excited to be taking 6 teams to these 2 prestigious events!! Congrats to CCS teams for brining home 16 1st place honors, 2 2nd places and High Point honors in every level at Cheersport! LETS GO SUNS!


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Private Lessons

Our private lessons are specifically designed to offer the most attention to your athlete. Your child gets one-on-one individual learning with the coach of their choice.

Step One: If you are new to Cheer Central and have not undergone our online registration through JackRabbit Class. CLICK HERE to Register for our gym. You will be required to input your credit card information in order to complete the registration process, however you are not charged any fees automatically. You will not select a private in this step, leave the class selection blank.

Step Two: Once you have completed the registration, click to return to the portal login.

Step Three: You will login in with your selected email and request a new password to be sent to your email that you used to register with.

Step Four: You will then copy and paste your given password from your email into the login screen. After hitting login you will now be in your account and can select your desired private. ONLY AVAILABLE PRIVATES WILL SHOW IN THE PORTAL, if you see the private then it is not filled.

Immediately following registration your private will begin. That means you can enroll in a private and attend the private in the same day, there is no roll-over time.

Our privates are $40/week, with the exception of our gym closures. If the gym has a scheduled closure on the day of your private, you will not be charged.

You will remain in the private unless a request to drop is sent to michelle@cheercentralsuns.com no later than the 25th of the current month. The private drop will go into effect for the following month, if a formal drop request is not submitted you will remain enrolled in the private and will be charged for the month, no refunds will be available.

Please Note: There will be NO make-up privates or refunds for a missed private for any reason.