Ever wonder what its like to be an athlete on a Cheer Central Suns Family team? Here is your chance to get a glimpse into some of our athletes' perspectives and experiences as a part of Cheer Central!! You will see why Cheer Central is so much more than a place where great cheerleaders are trained - See how many of the expereiences at Cheer Central have greatly benefited the guys and girls who are or have been a part of the Suns Family. Many of our athletes talk about the life lessons, the sense of family, and the countless memories they have from their time in the gym that they will take with them for the rest of their lives...

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Dear Coaches,

Wow, it's amazing how fast the years go by. I can't believe it's already over! After all the sweat and the tears; after all of the ankle braces; after all of the hairspray and bobby pins; the two-a-day's and the hour drive each way; the shuttle sprints and teh endless V-ups; after all the fun, it's actually over. To tell you the truth, I can't really imagine life without Cheer Central three days a week. I know that I am going to miss it so much, from practice to performance and everything in between; but especially the people. One of the most amazing things about a gym like ours is the FAMILY we have grown into. There is no other group of people in the world who I would be more proud to call my second family. I have learned so much from you and being part of the Suns Family has had such a huge impact on the way I am today, so thank you!! Thank you for everything - for believing in me when I didn't, for pushing me as hard as you did, and for teaching me everything that you have. Not only have I successfully learned how to set and pull a standing tuck, or double out of a scorpian, but I have learned so many other little things - like how to work with a group of 25 other kids and somehow form a TEAM with them... How to trust and earn trust... How hard work always pays off... How 110% is always easier than 90%... How my actions will always effect those around me... How to win and lose with a HEAD HELD HIGH... How to hit it, learn from it, and get back up to try again... How my attitude will make or break the attitudes of people everywhere... How dedication and commitment bring individuals together... How regret is the worst possible feeling... How we really only have ONE CHANCE to make it worth it... And how confidence in myself is all I need to ACHIEVE ANYTHING I DESIRE. Even if I can't throw a back handspring sprint in 20 years, these are the little things that I will remember forever! And every time I think of the gym and all of the things I carried out of it, I'll remember you guys (probably your voices more than anything) and I will definitely smile, not only because I have been trained to, but also because CHEER CENTRAL WILL ALWAYS HOLD A SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART. So thanks again for everything! Good luck next year. I promise I will be in that new gym as much as possible to check up on things!

Love Always,

Melissa D - Senior Coed 2003-2006

"Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens; Not by what life brings to us, but the attitude that we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain of positive thoughts, events, and extraordinary results!"


I just wanted to say "Thank You" you have done for me this year. You pushed me more than I ever thought I could be pushed and taught me how to push myself out of my comfort zone. You have taught me so much about believing in myself and in a family of 30-some other people - my team. You taught me mental, emotional, and physical toughness. You showed my how hard work reallly does pay off and how all my actions really do affect everyone around me. This list could go on forever, but I will remember everything I have been taught over the last year because it made this year one of the best years of my life and I will never forget it! I couldn't imagine a better senior year. Thank you for being such an amazing coach and having such an amazing influence in my life.  - Ashley B - Senior Coed


I have been meaning to write to you forever! I miss you all so much. The only thing I have struggled with is keeping up my confidence, but whenever I get down on myself I always think about what you would tell me. No matter what happened you always knew exactly what to say to me. You knew how to motivate me and inspire me to be the best I could be. I would not be where I am today without all of you at cheer central. It is funny how you would tell us that we would miss the team dynamic we had last year and it is very true. I truly miss all of my teammates and the cheer central family! Say hi to everyone for me! I will continue to strive to get better and I will keep in mind everything you have taught me. I hope everything is going well with you! I wish all the teams at cheer central the best of luck for this competition season!!! I look forward to coming home and seeing all of you! Thanks again for everything! I will keep in touch!




Rachel S. - Senior Coed


Hey Coach! 

I just want to let you know that I will do whatever it takes to be on the team again...whether it's next season or even my senior year. If i absolutely cannot find a way, then i will certainly do my best while im here to help the team when i return. In any case, I am so grateful that you gave me the oppurtunity to be a part of something so great. Not many people have done as much for me as you have as well as Kyle and the entire Cheer Central organization. Thank you to all the coaches and the team. I hope to see you all again. The sooner the better! 
Yours truly

~Jordan S. - Senior Coed Male


Dear Coach,

I know I don't always speak up in practice and I don't always let you know how I feel but the last couple have weeks have made such an impact on my life that I thought I would share it with you.


I never knew that I could fall so in love with a group of people. You guys have been telling us from the beginning what a special team we have and I can honestly say that all of those times you told us that, my thoughts were "Yea she's right" but i never really knew until now. I wish you could have seen the practice we had last night. We pulled together like a team I have never imagined before. I thought we were going to fall apart. But we didn't. If anything, we grew closer. We took a huge step together and I'm still amazed when I think about it now.


Cheer Central really is like a second family to me and when my life got really hard a few months ago, the team was there to catch me. And I really did let myself fall back on them. So I just wanted to say thank you. Along with not knowing how much I care about the team, I also did not know how much I care about you and Kyle. When you were gone, I felt like I was missing a parent. And there were so many nights I wanted to just call you and have you yell at me for a few seconds. I deffinatly never thought I would miss that as much as I have.


Cheer Central has become such a huge part of my life and I just want you to know that even though I don't always say it or show it, I am so thankful that I can be a part of such an amazing family. The list of things that I have learned in the past two years from this team in never ending. All of the nights that I thought I wanted to run out of the gym and never come back have definitely paid off and even though I know the next week is going to be hard....I am so excited because I know we'll get through it.


Thanks Again for Everything

Your the Best


Love Always

Melissa - Senior Coed



Thank you very much for a wonderful year of cheer! You have taught me so much and made me a lot stronger! You pushed the team to a point that we never thought we could go and in the end it all paid off!! This year is one that I will never forget. Through everything, we pulled through as a TEAM!

Thank you!

Megan - Sr. Coed


When I first began cheerleading I was told that I would love it, and I truly do. From the first day of tryouts, I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I came home that day and told my mom how everyone was so nice and supportive. Through everything, we have thrived. I have learned a lot about myself this year, but most of all this sport has made me humble. Most things come quite easily to me, however, in this sport, I really had to practice - most of the coaches would know because I can always be found putting in extra time at every open gym during the week! Thank you to everyone who accepted me for who I am and for pushing me. I love all of you and you will always have a place in my heart.



Dear Coaches,

I wanted to say thank you for such an awesome and wonderful season. You all have been there for me no matter what. When my everyone including my friends, school teachers & peers looked down on me and mocked me for being a male cheerleader, you all were there for me. Being on this team has taught me many life lessons. I am so grateful to have such great coaches! It has been an honor to be on this team. Thank you and God bless.



Dear Coaches,


I remember from one of the first days of tryouts, previous members talking about how they have a family at Cheer Central, and I remember how nervous and shy I was having to talk in front of so many people. But I now know what everyone meant by a FAMILY. Over the last year, I have become a little less shy and I have grown really attached to Cheer Central and everyone at the gym. I wish I would have joined sooner. I really want to say thank you for always pushing me even when I have been stubborn and not wanted to do things (tumble trak). I hope I will be able to be on your team again next year because my life would seem empy without you two. Thank you for an amazing season.


Kesha - Sr. Coed


Hey ya'll!

I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about the gym the other day:). I try to keep up with what is happening with the Suns as often as possible, and I just wanted to let you know that you guys are doing so great! Cher Central has come a long way, and don't get me wrong, we were pretty sweet when I cheered, but where you guys are now is absolutely spectatular!! I'm so glad to be someone who was given the opportunity to be a part of Cheer Central! It seems to still have the same high standards and motivation it always has, and I am so proud to see that. Keep those cheerleaders earning their name, because they represent all of us who care so much for OUR program..YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT, I CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH! I can honestly say that some of my best memories so far in my life were spent in that uniform...I miss you all and think about you constantly!



Sam - CC Alum '04

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