Cheer Central is dedicated to having the BEST staff! Our coaches work hard to create an environment of consistency, positivity, safety, and structure. Our coaches are CPR/1st aid certified and USASF certified for levels they teach in tumbling, stunting, and tosses. Our staff's passion is what makes Cheer Central so special. Scroll down to see our staff bios!


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Wendy Ayers

Wendy is the owner/head coach at Cheer Central. She was born and raised in Colorado Springs where she was a competitive level 10 gymnast before starting her cheerleading career. She was a 4-year Varsity squad member and captain at the University of Colorado , where she earned her degree in Kinesiology.  Wendy has coached tumbling and cheerleading for 18 years, including MANY state and national winning teams. She is certified through the National Federation as a technical judge, the USASF through Level 5, and is a former UCA staff member. Wendy currently oversees the competitve cheer program at Cheer Central.  is grateful to have a supportive family with a beautiful daughter.


Jes Beyer

Jes has been involved with cheerleading for 18 years, 12 of which were spent cheering for High School, allstar and college( Go Rams!). Jes is currently coaching Cheer Central's Youth 1, Youth 2, Senior Restricted 5 and Senior Coed 5 teams. She has led teams to many state and national titles! Highlights include a Junior 2 team going undefeated and winning an NCA gold Megaphone, a Junior 4 team with several national titles and this year's Lady Suns team who just earned a full paid bid to the Summit (SR5). Jes is known as Mama Jes is passionate about coaching and loves her Suns Family! 


Chris Cox

Chris is NEW to Cheer Central for the 2014-15 Season! He is USASF certified 1-5 in stunts tumbling and tosses. Chris Cheered for 14 years and was also the founding member of Galaxy Cheer Allstars/ South Elite Allstars and program director of Vegas Cheer Authority in Las Vegas, NV (largest and most succesful allstar program in Nevada, brought home a Summit bid as well as a bid to worlds in the medium coed division in the 13-14 season). Chris also does freelance choreography, working with allstar programs and high school squads across the US as well as Canada. We are SO excited to have Chris and know that our SUNS Family will LOVE him! 


Aaron McAninch

Aaron McAninch is a Head Coach and All Star Director in his 8th season with Cheer Central. Aaron has coached cheerleading and tumbling for the last 12 years, during this time he has become passionate about teaching athletes the skills to make them successful and in helping them reach their goals. Aaron has cheered at all levels ranging from; Englewood High School-2000 CHSAA 5-A Co-ed State Champions Barton County Community College-2003 NCA Runner-up and long time NCA College finalist University of Colorado-2005 NCA College finalist Denver Nuggets-2005 team member Cheer Central Suns- 2008, 2009 and 2010 and 2012. Aaron has coached and choreographed for many state and national winning teams. Aaron's choreography has won 5 different national awards in the past 5 years, and he has been an integral part in building our program. Aaron currently coaches Mini 2, Senior Restricted 5 and Senior Coed 5.  


Tiffany Valdez

Tiffany will be starting her 10th season with Cheer Central.. She was introduced to the world of cheerleading when she joined our inaugural Junior Novice team in 2001 after being involved in other competitive sports such as dance, gymnastics and soccer. She grew up with our gym and became a member of our Senior Co-ed team--helping them to win two national titles. Tiffany graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is a full time coach at Cheer Central--respected by all for her positive energy with the athletes. Tiffany coaches the Junior 3 and Senior 4 teams--in addition she does all of the scheduling for the gym. We are so thankful to Tiffany for her many years of consistent and loving coaching.

Brent Steele

Brent Steele is starting his first season with Cheer Central and is originally from Oklahoma City, where he began his cheerleading career at the University of Central Oklahoma. While he began his journey as a cheerleader he also completed his bachelors degree in Mass communications with a focus in public relations. He has been coaching competitive cheerleading for 7 years most recently mentoring a cheerleading program in Norway. He does choreography for all-star programs, high schools, and universities around the country and in Europe. As an athlete Brent cheered for Spirit of Texas where he won his first NCA title as an athlete in 2009. He competed with the advanced coed team at the University of Central Oklahoma for 5 years, placing top 3 each year. Brent has coached/choreographed numerous teams to national championships and is very passionate about his role as a positive mentor to his athletes. We are very excited to have Brent as a part of the Suns Family!


Michelle Kostelecky

Michelle has been an integral part of our staff for 10 years! As one of our coaches she is the head coach of the Colorado Suns with Special needs and worked hard to bring this team an NCA title in 2011. She's also a dedicated coach to other teams in our competitive family, bringing Junior 1 the IALC title in 2012! Michelle is currently coaching our Colorado Suns team, Senior 1 and Senior 2. We are blessed to have her as an integral part of our family.


Jason Figueroa

 Cheer Central is excited to welcome Coach Jason to our coaching staff. Jason is currently coaching Cheer Central's Youth 2 and Senior Coed 3 teams. Jason comes to us with many years of cheerleading experience, including NCA staff and head instructor experience. Jason has cheered on several Cheer Central international teams, and most recently won a National Title with Navarro and brought home a 2nd place finish at Worlds on Spirit of Texas's International Coed 5 team. We have been blessed to add Jason to our amazing staff--he bring tons of energy!


Erin Ehlebracht

 Coach Erin is currently coaching Cheer Central's Tiny 1, Youth 1 and Senior Coed 3 teams. Erin grew up cheering at Ultimate Athletics, and moved to Boulder to attend and cheer at the University of Colorado. Erin is now a full time coaching member at Cheer Central after recently graduating.


Kendall Morgan

Kendall comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia, with an extensive cheer background, both as an athlete and coach. He is a professional, detail-oriented, and a very experienced coach that has been a part of the cheer world since a very young age. Starting at such a young age has allowed him to earn various All-Star and High School titles not only as an athlete but as a coach. Growing up as an elite Level 5 competitor he has been a member of Atlanta Jayhawks, Georgia All-Stars, The Stingray All-Stars, University of Louisville and Gymtyme All-Stars. As a coach Kendall has Choreographed innovative routines for a wide range of teams and programs. Held responsibilities such as head coaching various levels of talent from beginner to highly advanced skill levels 1-5 and choreographed/coached for Cheer & Dance Atlanta (Atlanta Jayhawks) in Duluth, GA for 6 years. He is VERY excited to be apart of the Cheer Central program and brings with him a wealth of cheer knowledge, experience, and passion that he is eager to share with our athletes.


Jennifer Stabe

 Coach Jennifer has been a wonderful addition to the SUNS family. Coach Jennifer moved here from Florida this season, where she had previous coaching experience at both the high school and all star level. Jenn is a veteran member of UCA staff, and was an immediate favorite here at Cheer Central. Coach Jenn coaches our Junior 4 team, and also does an incredible job coaching tumbling and our Prep team. Her smile is infectious, and we LOVE having Jenn as a part of the Suns Family!

Derick Aquino

 More to come...


Lexi Mink

 Coach Lexi has moved from an athlete to a coach status this season. Lexi cheered for us for many years, and volunteered to help coach our Special Needs team. This season Lexi has officially moved onto the University of Colorado, and she is now currently the co-coach for the Colorado Suns team. We love Lexi's sweet spirit and dedication, and are glad to have her as a member of our coaching staff!


Cody Tengler

 Coach Cody has been an amazing addition to the Suns Family. Cody joined us as an athlete in 2009, coming from a Level 10 gymnastics background. After cheering for 2 seasons on our Coed Level 5 teams, Cody has officially graduated and taken on a coaching position. His knowledge of tumbling and his natural coaching demenor have made him a great addition to our tumbling staff. 

Sean Espinoza

Sean studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of Colorado at Boulder with a certificate in LGBT Studies. Sean also was a varsity athlete for four years, and three-year letter-winner at the University of Colorado as an athlete on the CU Coed Cheerleading Team. He has been involved in the cheerleading industry for the past 9 years as an athlete, coach and choreographer on the high school, allstar and collegiate levels. 


JoAnna Rowzee

Jo is a member of the Cheer Central administrative staff as the director of finance. She has been a part of the Suns Family for 11 years but has worked in bookkeeping and financials for the last 7 years.


Danielle Rowzee Caruso

Danielle has been a faithful member of the Suns Family for 9 years. Danielle started as an athlete on our first ever Coed Advanced team. Over the years she has been a great coach for many competitive teams. Currently, Danielle is a member of our administrative staff. She is our Director in charge of Travel, High schools as well as Special events and Pro Shop. In addition to her administrative duties, she does choreography and clinics with our various High School teams.


Shelby Mullins


Josh Rowzee

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